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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 13:10

The Webots mobile robot simulation software now includes models of the e-puck robot and a bluetooth remote control interface working on all Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

e-puck simulation in Webots

A model of the e-puck robot is included in the Webots simulator.

e-puck control window in Webots simulated e-puck control window in Webots

The real and simulated e-puck control window in Webots


The e-puck.wbt model features accurate physics simulation (including inertia, friction, etc.).

A bluetooth connection between Webots and the real e-puck robot allows you to remote-control the real robot from your Webots controller programs (works currently under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X).

We are working on supporting also the cross-compilation of Webots controller programs so that you can execute the code on the robot microcontroller directly.

This software is being improved regularly. The current version models the following devices:

device number simulation remote-control botstudio cross-compilation
DistanceSensor 8
LightSensor 8
Wheels 2
Camera 1
Accelerometer 3
Bluetooth 1
Speaker 1
Microphone 3

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