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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 13:26


The Fly-Vision Turret is a top turret specifically designed for experiments related to Optic Flow (OF). The turret consists of 3 black-and-white 102-pixel linear cameras that can be placed in several different positions. The cameras are connected directly to the dsPIC on the e-Puck through the extension bus, and thus there is no communication required through the I2C bus.

Printed Circuit Board Layout:


Base PCB Features:

  • There are 6 connectors for the 3 cameras, allowing several different camera configurations depending on the task
  • Oscilloscope test points are available for all camera signals and can be used for debugging
  • A connector is available for an optoinal analogue gyroscope module (to be used for OF calculation) or any other analogue sensor

Camera Configurations:

flycam08 flycam04 flycam15
flycam18 flycam19 flycam16
This configuration can be used to avoid obstacles during forward motion
This configuration is useful for corridor-following algorithms
This configuration provides near-omnidirectional vision using a camera pointed backwards


Detailed schematics and PCB gerber files for the Fly-Vision Turret are available on the Download Page .

lis logoThis extension was designed at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) at EPFL.

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