What do you like in the e-puck robot?
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 13:36

Software available for the e-puck platform :

  • Embedded software running on the e-puck. Those include a library for accessing hardware, a bootloader to load programs through bluetooth and of course some sample programs. A particular approach consists in using ASEBA, based on a virtual machine running on the e-puck.
  • Development tools running on the development computer. Such tools include the compiler and other programs that communicate with the e-puck through bluetooth or the serial port.
  • Matlab Tools . Gathers all the software needed to work on the e-puck from Matlab through bluetooth or the serial port.
  • Fast and local communications using modulated infrareds : The libIrcom library provides a software implementation to achieve local communications at a rate of 30B/s max and a distance of up to 25cm. Additionally, the location of a robot transmitting a message can be estimated by the receiver. In effect, this is a range and bearing communication system.
  • Player driver for Player 2.0 and 2.1
  • A Python library enabling the remote control of the robot, read the sensors values, control the motors and running the heavy processes on a computer.
  • A similar Qt4 – C++ library enabling the remote control of the robot.
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