What do you like in the e-puck robot?
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 14:23

This is a very simple extension consisting in adding some magnets on the bottom or replacing the wheels with a magnetic version.

Here a video of the system:


Here are some details on the implementation: For adhesion on ferromagnetic ceilings, only the wheels have to be modified. The magnetic wheel has the following shape (magnet in red):




The wheel is fixed to the axis like the standard wheel. The new wheel is in ferromagnetic iron. A 3D pdf file can be found here. On this file you can take measures for size.

To climb a wall, the standard e-puck motor has not sufficient torque. For this type of operation the motor of the e-puck (a custom PG15S-020 with a resistance of 18 ohm) need to be replaced with a more powerful motor (the standard PG15S-020 with a resistance of 10 ohm). Our custom and standard motors have been purchased by EME in Switzerland at 55CHF/sample.

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