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Rat's Life: e-puck robot programming competition Print
Written by Olivier Michel   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 09:50

Rat's Life: e-puck robot programming competition

A new edition of the Rat'sLife competition started recently and will be running permanently. This programming contest is based on the e-puck robot and the free version of the Webots simulation software. It features two simulated e-puck robots roaming a LEGO maze and competing for survival. The robots can navigate the maze using SLAM techniques and recharge their batteries from four chargers. The longer lasting robot is declared to be the winner.

So far, a robot called Ratatouille is the best competitor with a very efficient vision-based SLAM algorithm and navigation system. Any student or researcher can engage the competition at any time and try to challenge the best competitors. Teacher willing to use this competition for robotics curricula are also very welcome.

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