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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 13:06


Development on the e-puck can be learned through the tutorial available in the Download->Documentation section.


We have developed few simple libraries allowing to access to the hardware features. The following libraries are available:

  • e-puck initialisation of basic hardware features
  • management of proximity sensors
  • motor speed control
  • leds management
  • accelerometer reading
  • microphone sampling
  • sound emition
  • image acquisition

Release versions of the libraries are available at the Download->Software->Library page.

Development versions of the libraries are available at gna. If you want to take part in their development, you can join the development mailing list.


We have a bootloader that works through bluetooth.


The ASEBA architecture allows to run scripts into the e-puck microcontroller keeping a good control on the code, allowing easy debugging and visualization of key variable and sensor data. A bridge between ASEBA and ROS has been implemented and allows a link with one of the most well known robotic programming environments.


Hardware online debug has to be done using an external programmer ICD2 from Microchip. But you can manage doing simple debuging by sending information trough bluetooth.

Communication protocol

We have implemented a serial communication protocol to control the e-puck via a serial RS232 line or bluetooth. This allows simple experimentation with code developed on a PC.


We have a set of demonstration illustrating the use of several sensors of the robot in several typical applications.

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