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Ground Sensors

Ground sensor user manual

File Name: groundsensors_en_lr.pdf
File Size: 1.06 MB
Date: 25. November 2010

User manual of the ground sensor extension made by AAI Canada, selling this sensor. (17.67 kB)

sens0905_d - Gerber Files

File Name:
File Size: 17.67 kB
Date: 26. November 2010

These are the Gerber files necessary to produce your own Ground Sensors extension for the e-Puck

sens0905_d_4.pdf (107.45 kB)

sens0905_d - Schematic files

File Name: sens0905_d_4.pdf
File Size: 107.45 kB
Date: 26. November 2010

These are the schematics of the e-Puck Ground Sensor module. It is a small PCB that fits inside the thin opening in the front of the e-Puck plastic body, and connects to the e-Puck using the Micromatch connector on the bottom side of the e-Puck circuit board. It includes 3 miniature IR sensors and a PIC18 microcontroller, and interfaces with the e-Puck's dsPIC through I2C.

Some uses of this board include following a line on the floor, or detecting the presence of the floor (in case the e-Puck fell off the table).

Ground Sensors - Firmware version 1.0

File Name: pic18_floor_sensor_c18.rar
File Size: 72.40 kB
Date: 02. December 2010

Latest firmware for use on the Ground Sensors module

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