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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 13:52

Here are listed some accessories that can be used with the e-puck robot.

Infra-Red Remote Control

The e-puck robot is equipped with an IR remote control receiver. If you want to send commands you need a remote control generating RC5 signals. For those who do not want to try all remote controls, here is one that has been tested and works:

rc univers15 remote

Some details:

Model name: RC UNIVERS15
Lenght: 130mm
Initialisation: press "SET" and "TV" then enter code 026

Where to buy:
Product page:

Transport box

To safely transport your e-puck around, we use the following box:

box for e-puck


Some details:

Article name (in german): Schraubdosen - Polypropylen (PP)
Diameter: 90 mm
Height: 80 mm
Content: 500 ml

Article number: 2066
Price: 1.30 CHF/box

Where to buy:
Product page: